AeroPress Coffee Maker


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Wake up and smell the coffee – every morning, without a trip to the cafe! You can make smooth, barista style espresso in your very own kitchen in 2 minutes. Yes, you heard right. And, all you need is some ground coffee and the Aeropress, which – luckily for you – we have right here at Z+H. This clever little coffee press is super easy to use with the whole process taking about 2 minutes, with 20 seconds of literal ‘pressing’ or plunging the coffee and due to its compact size, its great for coffee making ‘on-the-go’ too. It makes 1-4 espresso shots so if you’re the only black coffee drinker in your house this will solve the problem you have when using other plungers and filters which make 6-8 cups at a minimum!

The real beauty of this coffee maker, however, is the way it micro-filters the coffee for a pure, smooth taste that’s free of grit. You know what we’re talking about; those little floating grounds that can make normal plunger coffee taste slightly bitter. They won’t be a problem here! The Aeropress allows you to make espresso, short blacks, long blacks and ‘Americano’ style coffee – so this is a must for any black coffee lover.


350 filters, filter cap, filter holder, stirrer, scoop


W12.1 x D11.4 x H29.8 cm