The Cure Wallet – Nude


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Sometimes the cure is found in a rare plant extract, found only on a sequence of mountain ranges on the border of Siberia and Kazakhstan. Other times it’s much simpler. This wallet is the cure for oversized wallet syndrome, designed to cut the bulk but still allow you to carry all the essentials.

6 individual card slots
Zip close change compartment
Full size banknote space
120 x 110 x 25mm
Comes in matt black, copper foil Status Anxiety box

Full grain shrunken cowhide leather

+We recommend using Status Anxiety leather protectant to prevent staining and to lengthen the life of your gear.
+Regular cleaning using a damp cloth with warm soapy water every month (don’t use baby wipes, vinegar, etc.)
+Try to avoid touching leather if you have any grease on your hands (or recently applied hand cream). Be careful of dark clothing on light leather too as the colour might transfer onto the leather.
+It’s also best to leave out of direct sunlight as it’ll cause the colour to fade and the leather to dry out.